Flap Discs

S.L.F. Abrasivi proposes a range of Flap discs of different types and shapes in order to offer a complete choice and solutions for all needs to professionals in the field.

Our discs are nylon or fiber pad discs both standard size or reinforced, at or conical assets, with standard or large flaps, high-density discs. High-quality cotton flap cloth is combined with aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide or silicon carbide in an innovative solution for all operations of grinding, removal and deburring.

All discs are produced in two versions:

  • Conical shape: the inner side of the cloth is directly involved in the operation of grinding, with a final results of a balanced usage.
  • Flat shape: it is suitable for detailed work when grinding is focused on a limited area and it requires more action.

All discs are produced following the European safety regulations, granting the highest safety level. The safety of the worker and the performance of the products come first.
S.L.F. Abrasivi is a member of FEPA (The Federation of the European Producers of Abrasives), a National Associations and European manufacturers of abrasives. Members of FEPA have developed safety standards to ensure that abrasive products are safe for use, and provide recommendations for the safe use of abrasives.

FEPA is actively involved
in the promotion of safety standards in the use of flap discs.
in the preparation and fulfillment of European and Internationals standards (respectively EN13743/2002)

Certificates are based on the following regulations:

  • EN13743/2002: Safety requirements for flap discs and Coated Abrasives
  • ISO9001: certifying that the quality management is in compliance with safety regulations.

Denim [01]


Standard [02]


Premium [03]


Grand Prix [04]

Grand Prix

Radial 2001 [05]

Radial 2001

Radial Premium [06]

Radial Premium

Comby Ceramic [07]

Comby Ceramic

Combo Cool [08]

Combo Cool

Laser Comby Ceramic [09]

Laser Comby Ceramic

Alu Disc [10]

Alu Disc

Slim Disc [11]

Slim Disc

Laser 101 Series [12]

Laser 101 Series

Soft Disc [13]

Soft Disc

Mini Soft Disc [13]

Mini Soft Disc

Laser Rapid [15]

Laser Rapid

Laser Cup [16]

Laser Cup

Laser Hybrid [17]

Laser Hybrid

Laser Polish [20]

Laser Polish

Laser Clean [21]

Laser Clean

Laser Surface Conditioning [22]

Laser Surface Conditioning

Laser Felt [23]

Laser Felt

Laser Cut [24]

Laser Cut


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