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For over 35 years

has been in the abrasive processes market, reaching a position of leadership in its sector. We’re a reliable and ideal Partner if you need an high-quality and customized product.


of different types and shapes in order to offer a complete choice and solutions for all needs to professionals in the field.

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SLF Abrasivi proposes a range of Flap discs of different types and shapes in order to offer a complete choice and solutions for all needs to professionals in the field.

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S.L.F. Abrasivi, for over 32 years has been in the abrasive processes market, reaching a position of leadership in its sector. Our leading products are flap discs and flap wheels both with hole and shafts, but we can also supply any abrasive product currently available on the market.
Our purchasing policy and the choice of raw materials allow us to supply first-quality products at a fair and competitive price.
This enabled S.L.F. Abrasivi to be succesful and to gain trust throughout the years. We are a reliable and ideal partner if your company needs a high-quality product and if you want to benefit from the opportunity to print your own brand on every single disc, so as to customize it.
Beside the production of flexible abrasives, S.L.F. Abrasivi has a department specialized in the projecting, producing and selling special machinery for their production: we are one of the few companies which can supply complete machinery for the turnkey production of flexible abrasives.
Our company widens on a 1500 sq.m covered surface and operates using technologically advanced machinery, supported by a fully-equipped control department.
S.L.F. Abrasivi has always worked caring for quality and safety and we have been one of the first companies to obtain D.S.A (German authority for safety safeguard abd guarantee).
In 2006, S.L.F. Abrasivi was also acknowledged with EN ISO 9001-2008 certification by one of the most prestigious European safety and guarantee boards (TUV NORD CERT Gmbh).
All our products are covered insurance and follow the UNI 13743 requirements. This goal has been reached thanks to the care and passion of our staff when checking every single item.
We guarantee to all our clients:

  • First quality raw materials throughout the production (resines, cloth and nylon on fiber pad)
  • The complete safety and resilience of our products: each one is tested according to UNI 13743 rules.
  • The traceability of every single item, which is marked by a label put on the package certifying the number of production, date and stock

You have tried the rest… Now try the best.

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SLF Abrasivi offers a complete customization of products: label, packaging and boxes.



Many types of packaging are provided. The type of packaging is usually decided according to the size and quantity of product.

The box can be designed in collaboration with the customers and produced in accordance with their specific needs in accordance to the needs of storage: for example large quantities subdivided into smaller batches.



We can offer two types of label:

  • Standard: generic “Laser disc” label with the information of  safety precautions, use of the product and data.
  • Customized – PRIVATE LABEL: Full personalization of the graphical project and label with the information of  safety precautions, use of the product and data.



SLF ABRASIVI a Natale ha adottato il progetto Task Force for Cystic Fibrosis.

La nostra Azienda da molti anni sostiene la Fondazione per la Ricerca sulla Fibrosi Cistica – Onlus perché crediamo che la ricerca sia l’unica strada affinché venga trovata una cura per questa grave malattia genetica che è molto diffusa ma ancora poco conosciuta.

C’è una buona notizia: la ricerca sulla fibrosi cistica ha  recentemente dimostrato  che è possibile curare la mutazione genetica più diffusa.

La Fondazione  sta promuovendo  il progetto di ricerca “Task Force for CysticFibrosis”, che ha proprio l’obiettivo di scoprire la molecola più adatta a diventare il farmaco salvavita per la maggior parte delle persone con fibrosi cistica in Italia e nel mondo.




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